Smart CCTV data is controlled and sent via the internet. It can provide you with facial recognition. Moreover, video analytics can also aid business intelligence. For example, in a retail or hospitality setting, smart video surveillance technology can be used for queue monitoring analysis, and help in the effort to improve and streamline business operations.


Smart Access Control is a must have, easing the management of your access and allowing you to remote control it, anytime & anywhere. 

Cloud Based, featured with the latest technology, all our devices can be set up and unlocked via our App and platform.

Adapted to any type of doors, operated with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, via our gateway, directly with your mobile or a NFC card, you can administer attendance and rental 24h/7 in one click.


A smart alarm system uses the WiFi network to send its notifications. Smart alarm systems can be linked to an app, which you install on your smartphone or tablet. Through this app, you get a message when the alarm detects activity. Smart alarm systems can often be linked to more devices than motion sensors, such as IP cameras or smart lamps. If you receive a notification of the alarm, you can view camera footage directly in the app with a smart alarm system. Due to the internet connection of the alarm, it doesn’t matter where you are.


Smart Pole plays a key role in smart cities and will become an important telecommunications carrier in future cities. Designed for smart street lighting, the cloud platform provides a variety of management functions including asset management, device maintenance, device monitoring, and device scheduling control to make sure the controllers works properly at all times.