An  environmental alert system is the process that monitors the quality of the environment by application. The software allows for a realtime monitoring of any parameter required. The environmental alert offer solutions for relative humidity, temperature, dew and frost point, differential pressure, pressure, flow, lux CO2 and PM. For all other parameters, The software offers an analogue to digital converter so that all analogue signals can be monitored.


Information alert systems help the Emergency Response Coordination Centre monitor hazards and events worldwide. Examples of hazards that the Centre monitors are earthquakes and tsunamis, tropical cyclones, volcanoes, droughts, floods, and forest fires.

Detailed scientific information on emergencies increases the safety and protection of citizens. The monitoring tools also complement information available to Member States and help their emergency services channel response whenever needed.


An emergency alert system is software that provides a simple, central interface used to send messages to any size audience, on any device, over any communication channel, all over the world.

During an emergency or an event threatening widespread danger, the most critical step an organization can make is to inform and alert people in harm’s way quickly. Processes to do so vary, but thanks to advancements in technology and cultural shifts, emergency notification systems have rapidly become a mainstay at organizations large and smallused to protect people and to ensure business continuity during all kinds of urgent situations.


Complaint management system is the process of handling, managing, responding to, and reporting customer grievances. This process requires a streamlined approach and constant monitoring to ensure faster resolutions. 

Customer complaint management system allows you to gather all incoming customer complaints in a help desk dashboard. Your agents can easily assign, categorize, and resolve these complaints and ensure customers can have a seamless support experience. The tool offers robust ticket management features for keeping a firm track of all customer grievances.